Meet the Author: Steph Captain

Steph Captain is the mom of two beautiful little girls who absolutely love books and want to see and do everything they read about. Unfortunately, she found it very challenging to locate diverse stories that motivate them to go after a life filled with the adventures they desire. Steph created Brown Backpack with the hope that she could create a community and publish books for children of color that reflects their daily life and will teach them to have the courage, curiosity, and determination to try whatever they want.

Far Beyond the Treetops is Steph's big debut. What began as an impromptu poem to encourage for daughters to seek out adventure and recognize their importance in a big world slowly blossomed into a children's book with the help of award-winning illustrator, Charity Russell. Steph is currently working on bringing books with diverse characters to not only the mainstream marketplace but also to economically disadvantaged schools where children can benefit deeply by seeing themselves represented in literature. She is looking forward to developing her sophomore project.

 Steph has a bachelor's degree in Journalism from Howard University. She also has a master's degree in Media Management from Syracuse University.  When she's not writing or working in her career as a director at a digital marketing firm she is using her time being a wife, mother, Girl Scouts troop leader, and member of Delta Sigma Theta.  The best part of becoming a children's author has been bonding with her little apprentices.

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